Tuesday, November 25, 2008

★ tano hangbags

undoubtedly our favorite and best-selling line of handbags


tano wins new fans season after season with a distinctive look and beautiful italian leathers, but the quality of the craftsmanship keeps them loyal.

stop by to check out the many new styles we have in for the season.  great colors, a variety of sizes...from gigantic carry-all, to small wallets, and everything in between.  we are fully stocked with more trickling in throughout the month.

BUT...if you see one you like, don't hesitate to purchase it.  the bags are made to order and never over-produced.  this means that the chances of us re-ordering a particular style in a particular color is pretty slim and unlikely.  (really, we've tried on numerous occassions with little luck.)  the bags are produced in a limited quantity and the demand is high!  

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