Tuesday, November 18, 2008

★ cydwoq (pronounced "sidewalk")

one of the only shoe manufacturers left in the USA:  cydwoq.

back at creatures for fall and holiday!  

each pair is made one at a time in burbank, california by a small team of approximately 20 people. 

cydwoq is a sought-after brand that had  graced our shelves on a few
occasions in the past.  

here are some 
great reasons to try a pair of cydwoq...

  • the leather is vegetable tanned and eco-friendly!  (the leather is not dyed and processed with any toxins, metals, or synthetic chemicals, making the land and rivers around the leather tannery more free of pollutants and toxins.) 
  • hand-crafted in the USA!
  • the soles are ergonomically 'molded' to mimic the shape of a human foot.
  • the design and quality of the components makes them more durable.
  • they are unique and not found in any department stores.  

we have great styles on hand for the season.  stop in to try a pair!

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