Monday, May 23, 2011

★ fresh spring accessories

come see some new lines at creatures!

rebel designs
 created by designer gina riley, rebel is based in new york and sold internationally. the line mixes feminine, organic, and edgy that can be worn on a late night or summer day.

scarlett garnet
the lovely collaboration comes from garnet griebel and katie miller of st. louis. natural beauty is key in this line, with features like inlayed snakeskin and birch wood dyed to mimic the colors of a desert sunset. expect to field inquires when wearing one of their one-of-a-kind trinkets.

from the sisters seana pedelaborde and tara brown out of sonoma, california. the unique beauty in these pieces can be attributed to the use of vintage components from japan, west germany and czechoslovakia. many are created with vintage tools and molds.