Thursday, March 24, 2011

★ spring shoes have hit the shelves

spring is finally here, and with it, some fantastic new shoes. put a spring in your step!

creatures is carrying two new lines.. biviel and antelope !

biviel shoes are created by hand in spain with genuine italian leather. they can be dressed up for a night out or dressed down with jeans on a sunday morning because they are so comfortable.

antelope hales from isreal.  they create high-quality, handmade shoes with raw materials and artful details. not only do they boast lasting soles, comfy arch support but look really cool and unique.

if you come around here often, you know we are big fans of campers just as many of you are. we just got in the cutest sneakers for trekking around town in!

something really cool about this particular line is that they are unisex and made from organic cotton, so your feet can breathe in the texas summer sun.

come grab a pair of treats for your feets before they get snagged! and as usual, feel free to stop in and say hi if you're just bumming around the neighborhood.